Gam-Anon February 23, 2010 at 5:24 am

Gam-AnonThis organization is for those family members and close friends of the addicted gambler. This is a group meeting where these people can go if they are desperate or frightened or alone. This is where all the feeling that no one else can understand, will be understood and supported.
This is where suggestions for problem solving can be given and where acceptance if the gambling illness takes place. Lives are rebuilt and those who suffer are given help. Members will gain relief from the anxiety when they realize the powerlessness they have over this problem that is in their family. The program tells member that they can only be responsible for their own behavior and not to feel responsible for that of the gamblers.
An emotional illness is what compulsive gambling really is and so this game playing and acting out are just sign of this serious illness. The hurt that family and friends feel from being associated with the gambler is a side effect and should be view that way.

History of Gamblers Anonymous January 15, 2010 at 5:21 am

History of Gamblers AnonymousThe fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous began with a chance meeting in January of 1957 by two men. Both of these men were suffering the trouble and misery that is part of being obsessed with gambling. They agreed to meet on a regular basis to help each other to quit gambling and as time went by, neither one of them continued to gamble.
During their meetings, they discussed their needs and what it took to refrain from gambling. They felt that the only way to stop gambling was to make changes in their own character as this would prevent a relapse. They understood that many other people with compulsive addictions of other things had been successful by using certain spiritual principles so they did the same. The word spiritual is defined as that best part of you, that kindness, honesty and humility.
As a way to solidify their own abstinence, they passed on their message to other compulsive gamblers. Publicity by a well knows newspaper columnist helped the first group to meet in Sep. of 1957 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Casino Night December 27, 2009 at 5:19 am

Casino NightThis is a themed party that anyone can hire for an evening of fun. You can host a party for clients, employees, guests or family members, for any reason. Casino night is just one of four choices for a fun night that you have to choose from.
The company who offers Casino night for rent supplies trained dealers, poker chips, raffle tickets, raffle bowls and drums, all gaming accessories and optional folding chairs and stools. You can host a night like this for a birthday party, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party, family reunions and convention events.
These parties are just like real casino gambling just without the real cash. Those attending one of these parties will trade actual cash for fun money as they enter the room. Any winnings are given as gift certificates for restaurants or retail stores. This game night can also be used for graduation parties and new client parties if you are a business owner. Raffles can also be part of the fun where prizes can be raffled off at the end of the night. This party if fun for all and can be the answer to your next fundraiser.

Throw a Poker Party November 22, 2009 at 5:18 am

Throw a Poker PartyJust like a Tupperware party, you can throw a poker party in your own home. These are fun nights where you can entertain guests, employees, family member or clients and can also be very beneficial way to raise funds for charity. There are companies that rent all the things you need for many types of gaming.
You can choose from casino night, private poker party, a poker tournament or a charity fundraiser. A Casino Night for fund raising is where Non-profit organization can generate funds while at the same time provide an enjoyable night for their guests. Who doesn’t want to have fun?
These games do not accept real money from any of the players. When they come in the door, they exchange their donation for what is called “fun money.” They decide how much they want to give when they arrive. If they run out of “fun money” during the night, they can certainly get more if they want to offer another donation. Winnings are in the form of gift certificates for restaurants and retail stores.

Online vs Conventional Poker November 5, 2009 at 5:05 am

Online vs Conventional PokerMany casinos today do not promote Poker as they feel it is hard to make a profit from a conventional casino. But online is another story. Online you can play for less because there is no overhead and any amount of tables can be set up. These online player never sit face to face either during the game so there is no body language to read and no reactions to watch for that next move. So those who play online must rely on playing speed, percentage of opponents, betting patterns as they blindly wait for the other players to make their move.
In the traditional casinos there, at the end of each hand, many delays where the dealer collects and shuffles before dealing again. This delay cannot be helped, it is just part of the game. Online, this does not happen as in a click, the next hand is dealt. With this feature, almost one hundred hands can be played in a one hour where in person there is about thirty hands per hour.
Online you can also play a couple tables at one time, something not allowed at a regular casino. If you can make quick decisions by playing various tables at once, the potential is higher for winning.